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Make $100,000+ Working
A Few Hours A Day From Home.
And Love What You Do.

Bill Gates predicts that 70% of professions will disappear
over the next 20 years.

Copywriting is not one of them.

There are 33 million businesses in North America and many, many millions
more around the globe. And since English is the language of business –
in North America, Europe, South Asia, Australasia,
and even often Japan, Korea and many other locales –
the market is virtually unlimited.

Every one of these businesses needs advertising or promotion
in order to succeed. Effective marketing communications are the key,
and advertising copywriting is the platform on which these
communications are built.

That means that businesses, governments and other organizations
need good copywriters: countless thousands of them.

Your Dreams Are About to Come True...

This online course is designed for those special people who have bright
ideas and a way with words, the initiative to make the most of them,
and the perseverance to achieve their dreams.

In addition to all the many, many organizations that need copywriting,
there are the advertising agencies, promotions companies and
design firms that serve their needs.

In fact, in North America alone there are over 35,000 of them and most
of them need copywriters.

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...In 30 Information-Packed Lessons.

This online course will show you how to become one of them,
without leaving town
or asking anybody's permission.
Working out of your own home, according to your own schedule.

The first one is free with no obligation, so why not try it now here?

You Can Do It Right Now.

You can do it if you're 22. You can do it if you're 62. You can do it if
you're a bulldozer operator. Or a housewife. Or a rocket scientist.
Because you can write for those specific markets. It's your own unique
perspective and personal experience that make it credible.

And Did I Say It? The 1st Lesson Is Free...

Don't tell anybody?

The first lesson is free with no obligation,
so why not try it now here?

Or if this is something that simply excites your imagination,

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$100+ AN HOUR

Dollars from Heaven

You were born free.
And only one person can
get in the way of that.

Most people think they are trapped by the everyday grind:
driving through traffic to work, playing politics once they get there
just to get a raise or keep their jobs, making small talk they often
don't care about, never having enough time for their families, their
hobbies, and all of the other wonderful things life has to offer.
And they have a boss.

Then on top of all that, some of them lose their jobs. But the only
limit is one's own thinking. You were born free. And only one
person can get in the way of that.


Escaping From This Imaginary Trap
Is As Easy As Making The Decision
To Do It.

Businessman trapped inside a box

It doesn't matter what the state of the economy is.
In fact, the worse it is, the more business people need good
copywriting to stand out from the pack.

And instead of having to hire a very expensive copywriting
professional on staff - or a lousy one for less - they will leap
at the opportunity to pay you handsomely by the hour,
or by the project, the latter of which is by far better for you.

  1. If you know what to write
  2. If you know how to get the clients
  3. If you know how to manage them
  4. If you know how to quote the projects
  5. If you know how to ace the projects
  6. If you know how to collect the money
  7. But you'd better be good
  8. Or you'd better think you are

I can help you with the first seven points.
The eighth is up to you.

You can easily make $100 to $200 an hour or more freelancing over
the Internet. But the secret to doing it effectively and consistently is
to get clients and keep your clients once you get them. Unless you
don't like them. Given the size of the market, there are always more.

This course is designed to help you do just that, in
30 easy-to-understand lessons.
It will teach you everything you need to know.

Bright idea

  • How to get and manage clients
  • Strategic billing approaches so as to retain those clients, while
    optimizing your income
  • Creative development exercises and strategies
  • Special conventions in copywriting that the average writer or
    journalist would not know
  • Production writing techniques for the web, television
    commercials, radio commercials, print and outdoor
  • Illustrated with case histories, funny stories and action plans
    to help you achieve the best results
  • How to earn $100 a word in your pyjamas
  • Meta-Knowledge: it's what you know you don't
    know that matters
  • And much, much more

The first lesson is free with no obligation,
so why not try it now here?

Or if this is something that simply excites your imagination,

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It's not aimed at your English teacher.
It's a conversation with a friend
over a coffee or a beer or a glass of wine.

The difference between journalism and advertising copywriting
can be measured in a variety of ways. In the first case, news writers
are serving the public's need to know. They are simply
dishing out information
- information that is usually readily available from a variety
of other sources.

Advertising copywriting, on the other hand,
is conceptually-driven, based on the Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
of any particular product or service.

For that reason, good copywriters make 10 times
the money for every word they write.

That's because the stakes are much higher for their clients.
A good headline can make millions of dollars in product sales
- and they will love you for it, long into the future.

A succinct and engaging paragraph can make the difference
between success and failure for companies,
large and small.

In fact, I have many, many times made $100 a word
for a good headline.

Once I made $26,000 for one word.
An iProductName you have definitely heard of.

What's A Rifle Without Bullets?

Inside a rifle barrel

Compared to the money the copywriter is charging,
his or her fees are negligible when stacked up against what's at stake.
If the copywriter charges a thousand dollars or more or less
for a particular piece of writing that took five hours,
the art direction and production of the ad or commercial
can cost dozens or hundreds of times that.

But That's Only The Beginning.

Then there's the media buy.
Purchasing time on TV, in newspapers and magazines, billboards,
- the copywriter's fee is a spit in the bucket.
Even for a small brochure for a direct client, what are the stakes?
The success of their entire business.

Think of the idea and the copywriting as bullets in a rifle.
The bullets are cheap but the gun is expensive.
Yet the gun has no value without bullets.

But you'd better be good. Or they'd better think you are.

It's What You Know You
Don't Know That Matters.

What do I know?

This course is not going to make a bad copywriter into a good one.
On the other hand, you don't need a university degree to succeed.
It is common knowledge in the industry that copywriters are essentially
born - not trained.

Often, they come out from behind the steering wheel of a taxicab,
off the factory floor, away from a government desk
or any of an endless list of other occupations.

It is their life experience and imagination that provide the foundation.
If they can write.

After that, it requires perseverance and an understanding of how to
go about it. One key is Meta-Knowledge - the understanding of what
you know and what you don't.

Luckily You Have The Most Knowledgeable
of Partners - The Internet.

With the prevalence of the Internet,
you can find out anything you need to know with the click of a mouse.
You simply have to know that you don't know it.

We're not talking about researching scientific papers here.
Your job is to assimilate the information necessary to doing the project,
develop headlines that make the sale,
and write compelling copy to pay them off.

You Need Clarity, Not Confusion.

My experience is that if the client gives me a 400 page market-
research document, 99% of it goes in the garbage in the first 20 minutes,
as soon I give it the once-over. All you need to look at is the
Executive Summary, then scan the rest of the information
for a bit of detail to use, in support of your concept and
your copywriting. You need clarity, not confusion.

It also helps if you're an independent thinker with initiative.
Chances are you are, or you wouldn't be reading this.
But there's a big difference between thinking about how you can
change your circumstances and doing something about them.
And there's no time like the present.

100 meter sprinter

The first lesson is free with no obligation,
so why not try it now here?

Or if this is something that simply excites your imagination,

read on.


* But it's not 1000 miles.

Beginning a journey

It's 30 lessons giving you everything you need to know to succeed.
If you have ideas and you can write.
You could easily do it on weekends or evenings in three months,
generating revenue immediately thereafter.

If you have time on your hands and are a quick study,
you could do it in a month or so.

Since each lesson follows on the previous one
– and there is no obligation to continue
unless you decide to do so after each lesson –

So you can choose at each point whether
you want to proceed.

Here's What's Included In The Course:

Course Outline

Lesson Description
So YOU want to be an Ad Copywriter FREE lesson.
Copywriters Are they born or trained?
Branding & Positioning How to differentiate your clients.
Writing taglines The 5 magic words.
Concept development What's the Big Idea???
Overcoming Writer's Block It's easy if you just know how.
Print The perfect medium.
The Brochure A real workhorse.
Direct Mail It's all about getting immediate response.
Writing Radio Commercials Theatre of the Mind.
Writing TV Commercials You've hit the Big Time now!
Co-op Programs Massaging the Distribution Pipeline.
Websites & Email Programs How to attract more flies.
Writing Landing Pages This is the Flypaper.
Presenting How to let the Work itself do the heavy lifting.
Getting Clients They want what you've got.
The Competition They're not better at being U than U are.
Budgeting Do it wrong & you'll fail even tho you succeeded.
Collecting The Dough If you don't care, don't read this.
Managing Direct Clients You don't have to. But you could.
Working In An Ad Agency You don't have to. But it's fun :~).
Working On Staff For A Direct Client Understand this.
Managing Ad Agencies You really need to understand this.
Managing Yourself This could be your biggest challenge.
Dealing With Suppliers Earn a lot more. Or lose a lot more.
Creative Integrity Actually, it is all about you.
The Awards Shows Become a Legend in your own Lunch Hour.
The Lifestyle If you do it right, the living is easy.
So You Have No Portfolio No problem cannot be overcome.
And Beyond :-) FREE module.

Each Module Includes:

  • A case history
  • Actual samples from my own portfolio/television reel
  • Interesting anecdotes
  • Homework
  • A preview of the next lesson

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The first lesson is free with no obligation,
so why not try it now here?

Or if this is something that simply excites your imagination,

read on.


Oh my God!

You Decide After Each One
If You Want The Next One.


I've made this as easy as it could be, if you're the right person.
You want a new career where you can make very good money
from your own home.
You have a lot of good ideas and you can write.
Are you willing to gamble $25 for the second lesson?

Because the first one is free. And so is the last.
It's your call.



(see the Get Lessons page)

The first lesson is free with no obligation,
so why not try it now here?

Or if this is something that simply excites your imagination,

read on.


I won't lower myself to stating the obvious.
But what the heck, I am in advertising.

Picture of site owner


My name is Ross Ulysses Munroe, and I have been
an award-winning Copywriter and Creative Director internationally
for 30 years. I have worked on ad campaigns for hundreds of companies
of all kinds in a dozen countries in North America, Europe and Asia.
I have won hundreds of awards the world over. After working in the big
agencies, I became Creative Director in a number of other ones
- and I have been freelancing independently for 20 years.
With all this experience behind me, I can tell you that freelancing
from home is the most rewarding aspect of the business.

I have written this coursework to give you guidance on everything
you need to succeed. Special thanks to my Editor/Wife, Virginia Munroe
and to my Programmer/Friend, Mario Botto.

Is transforming the rest of your life worth $25 (USD) a lesson?
And you decide after each one whether you want the next one,
every single time.

There is no automatic recurring charge.

It's all through Stripe so I don't have a record
of your credit card number.

You are only purchasing the lessons one by one,
as you decide to do so.

It's kind of like life.

There are 30 lessons in the course, and the first one is free
and so is the last one. So that's a total of $700 if you decide to take them all,
which I would advise.

But you can choose not to proceed after every lesson
with no obligation or penalty.

This Is Your Opportunity
To Completely
Reinvent Yourself.

Lightning bolt

Launch your new career no matter where you live or what your age or
educational background. And as fast as you want to
complete the coursework.

If you're the right person, you will.

It can be done in three months.
Or, you could take a year or more if that suits your lifestyle.

Your first copywriting project will likely pay for the entire course,
and will probably only take you one short day.
The rest of your career is all yours.

But The Clock On Your Life Is Ticking
And It Isn't Kidding.

As a consultant, my advice to you is to do the first one as soon as possible.
Because it's free. The rewards will likely last a lifetime.
But you'd better be good. Or you'd better think you are.

Every word of what I have said is the truth.

Beyond that, once you're in business I'm available for consultation,
if you ever get into a jam -
creatively or politically or in a business pitch,
for a share of the benefits.

Most of you will get there to varying degrees
and you should be among them.

Or do you prefer 'amongst'?

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The first lesson is free with no obligation,
so why not try it now here?

End of course certificate

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a personalized version of this certificate.